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What We Do

Alcumus ContractorCheck is a health and safety compliance company helping organizations to create better workplaces, keeping people safe. We do this by assessing and accrediting contractors across North Ameri to legislative and client requirements, providing clients with a contractor management tool to maintain compliance and reduce risk. 

Join other safety-minded companies and demonstrate to hundreds of organizations that you are a safe business to work with

For Clients

A health and safety compliance prequalifition and contractor management tool for your portfolio.

Why ContractorCheck?


New and returning
contractors, welcome!

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Alcumus ContractorCheck collects, reviews and monitors contractor compliance information to ensure contractors working together on a jobsite are all working with the same level of safety training. Sign up for our membership to gain visibility with companies across North Ameri.


A health and safety compliance prequalifition and contractor management tool for your portfolio. Save time with streamlined internal document management, stay on top of compliance, and be confident in the contractors you work with.



Explore our blog for the latest news related to Contractor Accreditation and Contractor Management.

ContractorCheck Statement on COVID‑19

Dear Valued Clients, Contractors and Colleagues,

These are certainly strange and unprecedented times. As we try to adapt to a situation we have never encountered before, and with really no previous experience that we n refer back to or use as a guideline, we first and foremost want to let you all know that we’re in this together.


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